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Utilizing a wealth of experience, the latest technology and techniques to provide efficient professional service

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Since our beginning Caplan, Caplan & Caplan Process Serving has brought a high quality experience to our clients. For nearly 40 years Caplan has handled all types of services in every region of the world, we have seen it all and importantly served it all. All clients and services big or small are handled with the upmost care and expertise. Serving over 50,000 legal documents a year, Caplan can get the job done for you.

Much like technology, Process serving is rapidly evolving. By using the latest techniques and technology Caplan is able to provide low cost-efficient service nationwide that will leave you satisfied and hopefully as a returning valued client.

We hope that you decide to give Caplan a chance to earn your business and show you what we can do for your firm.

Please do not hesitate to contact Caplan and make us a valued resource for your practice.

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